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Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Quick, Reliable & Affordable SSL Security

Domain Validated SSL Certificates offer basic, no-frills encryption at an affordable price. Obtaining one is easy, simply prove you own the registered domain via email or file-based validation and it can be issued within minutes. DV SSL Certificates activate the standard SSL Visual Indicators – HTTPS and a padlock in the address bar – and are a perfect security solution for any non-e-commerce site that doesn’t collect users’ personal information.

Rapid Issuance

A DV SSL Certificate can be obtained within minutes of ordering one. Simply prove you own the registered domain – a requirement that can be fulfilled almost instantly – and thanks to the automated process the CA will have your certificate issued just moments later. DV SSL is easily the fastest, most affordable SSL option available.

COMODO® PositiveSSL Certificate

Fast & Simple Website Security Solution

A domain validated SSL Certificate designed for encrypting websites at low cost. This is a 2048-bit Industry-Standard SSL Certificate that is trusted by all popular browsers. Each certificate comes with an Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy & Unlimited server licenses.

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RapidSSL® Certificates

Entry Level Encryption in Minutes

RapidSSL is industry standard 128 / 256 bit single root SSL certificate. RapidSSL certificates have browser recognition of around 99% including IE 5.01+, Netscape 4.7+ and Mozilla 1+ browsers and many other browsers. At a very special low price, RapidSSL is an ideal solution for entry level websites.

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COMODO® EssentialSSL Certificate

Affordable Basic SSL with 256 bit encryption within minutes

The Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate provides quick and hassle-free security. It's a widely accepted entry-level domain validated certificate, and it includes a free trust seal, unlimited server licenses and full compatibility with all the most popular browsers.

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Thawte® SSL123 Certificates

Cost Effective Security Solution in Minutes

SSL123 is Thawte's entry level certificate which provides validation that your domain is registered and that you have authorized the purchase of the certificate. Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your clients' web browsers.

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GeoTrust® QuickSSL Premium Certificates

Cost Effective Domain Validated SSL with 256 bit Encryption

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificates are the most convenient and cost effective solution for any business that needs to conduct secure online transactions. These certificates enable up to 256-bit encryption and instill confidence and trust in your customers and business partners when providing sensitive information over the Web or mobile devices.

This certificate is delivered to you in less than 10-minute*** with GeoTrust's Fully Automated provisioning process.

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COMODO® SSL Certificate

Quick and easy encryption solution from leading brand

The Comodo SSL Certificate is the fastest, easiest way to protect your website. A Domain Validated SSL Certificate suitable for small business and medium-size business security at low cost featuring strong encryption strength with the highly-trusted brand, Comodo.

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Sectigo® SSL Wildcard Certificate (DV)

Bolster the encryption and trust of your domain and all subdomains with one SSL certificate

Are you looking to secure one main domain, along with all of your subdomains? If so, then the Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificate is an excellent option. With just one certificate, you can cover your main domain (www.domain.com) and as many subdomains as you need (mail.domain.com, billing.domain.com, etc.domain.com). Also, because this is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, the Sectigo Wildcard SSL can be issued in as little as a few minutes. One of the easiest and most economical Wildcard options, this certificate is perfect for small to medium sized businesses and lower-traffic ecommerce sites.

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FreeSSL™ Certificates

Free Industry Standard Encryption for 30 Day

Experience web security at no expense with a Free RapidSSL Trial for 30 days. Encrypt your website with a fully-functional SSL Certificate that works just like a paid SSL Certificate. It's a domain validated SSL Certificate that supports 256-bit encryption and features 99% browser compatibility.

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