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Find out what makes Comodo/Sectigo the fastest growing player in the web security industry

Comodo will now be known as Sectigo moving forward, but the name is the only thing that's change. That's because few brands in the web security industry can boast the kind of resume that Comodo/Sectigo has. With over 100,000,000 digital certificates issued in over 150 countries, Comodo/Sectigo has captured more than 40% of the market share and that figure continues to grow by the day. Comodo/Sectigo is aggressive and highly agile—capable of staying on the cutting edge of security trends. If your company is looking to find a perfect security solution to fit its needs, while also aligning itself with a brand name that people trust—you can't go wrong with Comodo/Sectigo.

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Sectigo® EV SSL

Go beyond encryption: add trust to your website with the green address bar

The Sectigo EV SSL Certificate is one of the most fully-loaded SSL certificates on the market, featuring the HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scan, a free site seal (valued at $119). However, the main feature of this SSL certificate is the green address bar – which will encompass the URL of your website across all major browsers. The green address bar is the most widely trusted visual aid on the web and is utilized by some of the most visited websites in the world like Amazon, Twitter, and Google.

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Sectigo® EV Code Signing

Make sure nothing stops your customers from downloading your software

Sectigo Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing gives your customers the peace of mind to download your software. After all, you've worked too hard for that conversion for a browser warning to derail you. An EV Code Signing certificate features all the benefits of a regular code signing certificate but offers identity assurance. And identity assurance is what gets rid of those pesky browser warnings and builds file reputation in Microsoft SmartScreen. Your EV Code Signing certificate also features an added layer of security—your private key will be physically stored on an external hardware token.

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Sectigo® EV Multi-Domain SSL

Display the green address bar on all of your domains with just a single SSL certificate

Websites protected by the Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate benefit from top-level security and the highest layer of online trust. That's because this certificate offers the strongest layer of encryption along with the web's most recognized trust indicators, the most prominent of which is the green address bar. Only Extended Validation (EV) certificate provide the green address bar, which customers have learned to associate with the most trusted companies in the world like Paypal, Amazon, Twitter and more.

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Sectigo® Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard

Make Your All Domains & Sub Domains Secure with a Single Certificate

Everyone wants to save time and money! So, instead of managing multiple SSL certificates to secure your website's multiple domains and sub-domains, simply your life with Sectigo's new Multiple Domain Wildcard certificate. You get the best of both worlds, the Wildcard lets you secure unlimited sub-domains, while the SAN support lets you encrypt multiple domains—all on a single certificate! The Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard is both economical and reliable, making it an ideal solution for securing your entire web presence all in one fell swoop.

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Sectigo® DV UCC

Quickly cover multiple domains with a single SSL certificate designed exclusively for Microsoft Exchange Servers

The Sectigo Domain Validated (DV) UCC is one of the quickest ways to secure multiple domains with just a single SSL certificate. As a Unified Communications certificate, this product has been designed exclusively for Microsoft Exchange 2010 as well as Office Communications Server 2007. Additionally, because this is a domain validated (DV) certificate, it can be issued to a domain in just a matter of minutes. There is simply no quicker option for when you want to secure your Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications servers.

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Sectigo® SSL Wildcard Certificate (DV)

Bolster the encryption and trust of your domain and all subdomains with one SSL certificate

Are you looking to secure one main domain, along with all of your subdomains? If so, then the Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificate is an excellent option. With just one certificate, you can cover your main domain (www.domain.com) and as many subdomains as you need (mail.domain.com, billing.domain.com, etc.domain.com). Also, because this is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, the Sectigo Wildcard SSL can be issued in as little as a few minutes. One of the easiest and most economical Wildcard options, this certificate is perfect for small to medium sized businesses and lower-traffic ecommerce sites.

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Sectigo® Code Signing

Protect your code with the use of digital signatures from a highly respected brand

If you're looking for a quick and affordable way to secure code and increase customer trust, look no further than the Sectigo Code Signing certificate. These code signing certificates help ensure that any code or content you're looking to distribute over the internet is safe from modification, re-hosting, and impersonation by malicious third parties. The Sectigo Code Signing certificate will immediately let your customers know that they can trust the software they are downloading, since it has been verified by a world-renowned security company like Sectigo.

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Sectigo® UCC Wildcard (OV)

Save money and simplify your server's certificate management process with the Sectigo Unified Communication Multiple Domain Wildcard

Securing Unified Communications got a bit easier with Sectigo's Unified Communication Multiple Domain Wildcard SSL certificate. This certificate is a perfect blend of all the benefits of a Unified Communication certificate and a wildcard SSL certificate. Designed for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications infrastructures, this feature-rich UC wildcard SSL certificate efficiently secures multiple domains and unlimited sub-domains under just one certificate! It is an Organization Validated (OV) certificate with 99.3% browser and mobile compatibility.

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Sectigo® SSL Certificate (DV)

A premium Domain Validated (DV) certificate for quick and easy encryption

For a premier Domain Validated (DV) certificate, look no further than the Sectigo SSL Certificate. This certificate offers top-of-the-line encryption backed by an industry-best $250,000 warranty. Best of all, you can have this premium certificate issued to your site in just a matter of minutes. On top of encryption, this certificate will show your customers that your site has been vetted by a leading internet security specialist, so they’ll know it’s safe to do business with you. This is an ideal certificate for a young but growing ecommerce site that values their customers' most precious information.

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Sectigo® UCC (OV)

A premium multi-domain certificate designed exclusively for Microsoft Exchange Servers

The Sectigo Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is the most effective solution for securing a Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft Office Communication Server environment. This single SSL certificate can provide secured communications on many different domains, external, which will reduce the complexity of your server security administration, along with reducing cost. Additionally, this certificate supports the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover service, which is a new capability on the Exchange platform designed to ease client administration.

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Sectigo® OV SSL

An Instant Encryption Way to Ensure Secure Communication

The Comodo InstantSSL may just be the most affordable Organization Validated (OV) certificate on the entire market. Not only will this Certificate encrypt information sent from your visitors' browsers to your web server, it will also increase the trust your visitors have in your website. It does this via the dynamic Comodo Secure Seal – which displays your authenticated business information when a visitor hovers the mouse over it. This OV SSL Certificate is perfect for e-commerce sites that are looking to boost their trust quickly and affordably.

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Sectigo® OV SSL Wildcard

Encrypt your domain & all of your subdomains with a single certificate

Securing your domain and all its accompanying sub-domains is a breeze with the Sectigo OV SSL Wildcard certificate. The Sectigo OV SSL Wildcard protects www.yourdomain.com and all of its associated sub-domains, for instance: mail.yourdomain.com, abc.yourdomain.com, etc. Best of all, since PremiumSSL Wildcard is an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, it will inspire more trust on your website by activating the "https" and the padlock icon next to the address bar, plus it comes with the Sectigo Site Seal.

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