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Simply Create Your CSR & Private Key

Generating your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is one of the most important steps in the SSL Issuance process. Most times this is done on your web server, but to streamline the entire process for you, we’ve created an intuitive tool to help you do it right here on our website.

Simply fill out the fields below with your business information—make sure it’s accurate. Then click "Generate CSR."

Now, the next two steps are crucial. First, copy and paste the entire CSR code into a text editor like Notepad and save it as CSR.txt—you will need this after ordering your SSL Certificate. Second, make sure to also copy and paste the second code that is generated into your text editor (in a separate file) as well. This is your private key. Make sure to save your private key on your server and NEVER share it with anyone.

CN - Common Name

Use the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your server (with or without the WWW).

O - Organization Name

Legal name of your company/organization (i.e. Acme Security, LLC). For DV, just use your personal name.

OU - Organization Unit

Division of your organization handling the certificate (i.e. IT department).

L- Locality

The city that you are located in (i.e. Tampa)

ST - State or Province

The state or province in which you are located in (i.e. Florida)

C - Country code

Choose your country (i.e. United States).

Please type your e-mail address.

2048-bit is the industry standard. Only choose 4096-bit if you have specific requirements.

SHA-2 is the strongest signature algorithm adopted by the industry.

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