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RapidSSL®: FreeSSL™ Trial

Get a FREE RapidSSL Certificate for 30 Days!

Looking to try out SSL? Well, you're in luck. Our FreeSSL certificate is a completely FREE RapidSSL Certificate with a lifespan of 30 days—yours to try for free! That's right, this is a 30-day RapidSSL Certificate than can be issued within just minutes and installed to allow you to start encrypting your website RIGHT NOW. This is perfect as a stopgap measure or if you’re just looking for a dry-run in the purchase, CSR generation and installation process. Try it free today!

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  • Rapid issuance
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • 99+% browser support
  • 30-day free trial

Upgrade from FreeSSL to RapidSSL®

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Major Benefits of FreeSSL™ Certificates:

  • 100% FREE
  • Lifespan of 30 days
  • Issued in 10-15 Minutes
  • No paperwork necessary!
  • Browser recognition of 99+%
  • Encryption is the industry-standard 128/256-bit
  • No Credit Card or payment information of any kind required!
  • Get a RapidSSL® Certificate on a trial basis for FREE
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Supports 99+% latest web browsers, iPhone and mobile devices

Who Issues and Authorizes this Certificate?

RapidSSL® (which is a part of the GeoTrust® root) is the Certificate Authority (CA) that will be issuing the FreeSSL™ certificate. The FreeSSL™ Certificate has the same 99+% compatibility as a standard RapidSSL®.

Fast & Seamless Issuance Straight to Your Inbox

RapidSSL is famous for its lightning-fast, fully-automated issuance process. The whole things takes less than 15 minutes and you'll have your FreeSSL certificate issued and in your inbox. You just can't beat that. You can grab this FreeSSL™ below or you can just go ahead and purchase a 1 to 2 year version of a standard RapidSSL® certificate for as low as $14.95/year.

Our Awesome Customers

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