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VeriSign Brand Transition to Symantec

VeriSign SSL Certificates are now from Symantec

VeriSign, the leading global security services provider, is now rebranding with Symantec, the another leading security solutions provider globally for creating the best vision for online businesses. As a part of agreement by the both leading superiors, VeriSign will be changed in to Symantec from April, 2012 that is the VeriSign security products name will be changed to Symantec product names.

The existing customers of VeriSign SSL Certificates will not have to worry about the disappearance of VeriSign Seal from the website as Symantec will continue to use the same authentication processes established by VeriSign to provide people the ease of use and user driven interface with confidence to exchange critical information online.

All VeriSign product names will update with the new Symantec product names as follows:

VeriSign Product Names Symantec Product Names
VeriSign® SSL Certificates Symantec™ SSL Certificates
VeriSign® Code Signing Certificates Symantec™ Code Signing Certificates
VeriSign Trust™ Seal Symantec™ Safe Site
VeriSign® Secure Site Symantec™ Secure Site
VeriSign® Secure Site Pro Symantec™ Secure Site Pro
VeriSign® Secure Site with EV Symantec™ Secure Site with EV
VeriSign® Secure Site Pro with EV Symantec™ Secure Site Pro with EV
VeriSign Trust™ Seal Norton™ Secured Seal
VeriSign Secured® Seal Norton™ Secured Seal
VeriSign Check Norton Check

Although the VeriSign product names will be changed to Symantec but the SSL certificates will remain signed by VeriSign Root Certificate Authority, if a user clicks on the padlock icon to see the SSL Certificate details.

No Installation Necessary
All VeriSign seals will update automatically, making the Norton Secured Seal instantly visible on more than 100,000 websites in 165 countries.