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Product Specification

  • Norton™ web trust seal along with free malware scanner
  • Symantec™ Seal-in-search feature
  • Issue within 1-3 days
  • Encryption Strength of up to 256-bit
  • Fully Organization and Domain Validation
  • Recognized by 99.9% web and mobile browsers
  • Unlimited reissuance for the lifespan of the certificate

Features & Benefits

  • Norton™ Secured Seal
  • Symantec Safe Site is a fully Business Validated site seal
  • Symantec Seal-in-Search feature
  • Daily website malware scanning
  • Increase user confidence, protect your brand and boost up conversation rate
  • Issue within 1-3 days
  • Unlimited reissuance for the lifespan of the certificate

Symantec is one of the most trusted and recognized brands on the internet.(Synovate/GMI research, September 2009)

  • Improved web site conversions and traffic
  • Enhance customer trust and loyalty
  • The security of malware protection
  • The world's most popular online trust mark

Trust turns visitors into customers, develops repeat business and increases sales. Symantec Safe Site helps bring trust to your web site by authenticating your business, protecting it from malware and increasing its recognition and confidence by displaying the Norton™ Secured Seal.

Trust – The Symantec Safe Site helps keep your web site clean and safe for your customers by regularly monitoring the web site for malicious software that can damage the site and effect your business. When you display the Norton™ Secured Seal, your customers will recognize the most trusted mark on the Internet and gain the confidence to complete their transactions on your Web site.

Authentication – The authentication of your business by a trusted 3rd party can help increase consumer confidence in your site.